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The testimonials page is a very important part of this site. Because It is a place where you are invited to drop off your bad or good anythings, that you have endured throughout your life. Some people will feel uncomfortable letting things out due to the watchful eye of the devil. Note: Yahshua came to fullfill and so it was done. So with that being said here at Inspirational Beginning we will not: deny you of getting the best possible life you deserve or Judge you from your blinded mistakes of the past. We want you to guide us in helping you discover your Identify. Image is first, you are Yahweh's image. Second is Identifing yourself from the root, you must step away from the roots of your parents past and know that you are being raised from their past. So after you show Yahweh's image in a good light and come to realize you are not of Adam and Eve root, but of the Holy Spirit Being. You will testify to the things that held you back while living in true bliss with Yahshua and why he was sent here to die for your sins.(Spiritual Wisdom). We all have a purpose and are all connected in one big puzzle. This is why Yahshua teaches us to LOVE one another.This world will not get better unless we all come together, only certain parts will see glory and can die because of broken spirites flowing in the wind. When you come to realize we are not bone of my bone nor flesh of my flesh and that you are ashes to ashes and dust to dust, you will have become one step closer to inner you. Bones are ment to break and the spirit of the bone is damaged as well. But ash is unbreakable and it flows with the spirit in the wind in a never ending place (heaven). We are made in the image of Yahweh and was given flesh and bones. Unveil your Spirit to Yahshua and he will show you his Father Yahweh. This is not Yahshua Kingdom we walk among the devil and his flesh and bone. Remember you can not hurt a spirt nor can it be touched. Flesh & Bones can be tortured and then blame it on the spirt that is within. You can feel flesh but if the inner you is not right within how will you live in the spirit in a never ending place? You are here on earth to learn hospitatly in Yahweh's house. Look at it this way. If you go to most people house and leave all your mess around, do you think they will invite you back ? The choice is yours, because you can have anything you want. Leave your testimony, it will make a difference in someone's life who can't Identify themselves.


Yahweh hears you

Yahweh knows your heart

So get to it!

                                                                   Marletta Fomby

Quotes Hello Everyone My mother passed on to her next life Feb 13 2012 and it was all so sudden. St Johns hospital in Detrot Michigan on Moross and Mack killed her. When people take their loved one to the hosptial, your thoughts are.... they are going to make her (stoamack acke) better. She was to come home that same day. What I am testifying to is that no matter how hard I try to blame the hospital I can't. Reason is that if Yahweh wanted her to stay and fullfill the unfullfilled she would still be here. My mother was 49 and she fullfilled her destiny to the fullest. I now don't ever have to worry if my mother is happy and well taking care of. Mommy I miss you and I don't know how to make my siste's and brother feel better but rest a sure I will always try! Quotes
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